10 Reasons to Love Farmington


Number One: Farmington is home to our publisher, Angelina Capalbo – without her, no Momford County! Just joking, I am definitely not as cool as the WestFarms Mall, which despite claims it’s in West Hartford, I have verified with Farmington Town Hall that 3/4 of the Mall sits in Farmington. Macy’s (located in the Westfarms Mall) the fifth largest employer in Farmington – along with UConn Health Center, ConnectiCare, TRUMPF and United Technologies. Technically, Macy’s is located in West Hartford but that is how WestFarms got their name – West Hartford + Farmington = WestFarms. Speaking of shopping, we also have some retail gems here: the Design Forum, Green Trails Market – an all organic market for dog food, Vivid Hue, Happiest and several others. But back to the beginning, if you live in Farmington (or Unionville) and want to show some support for our publisher and resident, sign up to receive our emails.

Number Two: Farmington has amazing trails. It has a National Scenic Trail, two trails on the Farmington Valley Greenway, eight historic trails connecting to at least five eras, several handicapped trails to fishing piers, and a number of short hikes through Farmington’s forests and of course, the Freedom Trail – where 10 properties are also listed as historical landmarks and lastly, six historic walks through Unionville and Farmington – Shade Swamp Sanctuary (I hear) is also a site not to miss.

Number Three: No reason to go to West Hartford with restaurants like CURETap RockButcher and BakersApricot’s and George’s – all with outdoor seating, Olive Bar, 4 Eat and Drink, Wooden Tap, and we also have a nightclub and a gorgeous banquet facility, the Farmington Gardens and Farmington Polo Club which is also home to the Farmington Polo Grounds – which hosts the annual Dream Ride event. They say Polo is making a comeback along with disc sports. And for the kids, several awesome pizza joints in town, NaplesArtistica, Joey Garlic’s and George’s. For tea drinkers, we have Culteavo – they also have a seasonal location at the Hill-Stead!

Number Four: State of the art sports facility training center, Farmington Sports Arena and Tunxis Meade Park.

Number Five: Farmington has a community garden plot and several farms; including Hein Farm and Sub Edge Farm, as well as Jillybeans Farmstand and Krell Farms.

Number Six: Two miniature golf courses; one in Farmington and one in Unionville – the later one also offers free bike rentals, golf courses (Westwoods, Farmington Woods and Tunxis), an art bar (check out our experience) an Escape Room and a year-round nature center and lake, Winding Trails.

Number Seven: Lots of gyms and fitness centers including a 24/7 gym, Malibu Fitness, LA Fitness, Amped, Valley Fitness, kickboxing and Crossfit as well as a personal trainer and an athletic club. Pilates: The Posture Bar, SOMA Movement Studio. Yoga: Bikram Yoga, SOMA Movement Studio and ZEN Yoga Barre.

Number Eight: Education – Home to the Village Nursery School, a Montessori School (1 – 6 years of age), Miss. Porter’s (high school), Connecticut School of Broadcasting and Tunxis Community College (a two-year college) as well as UConn’s School of Medicine and Dentistry – and UConn Health Center and in general easy access to a multitude of medical care providers across the spectrum.

Number Nine: Clubs and Organizations – Farmington Field Club – we are members – click here to learn more according to us, Farmington Country Club – which has a reciprocal membership partnership with Farmington Field Club (FFC), the Farmington ClubFarmington Farms, the Exchange Club of Farmington, the Rotary Club of Farmington and the Farmington Chamber of Commerce.

Number Ten: Libraries, a historical society and museums (Hill-SteadStanley-WhitmanUnionville).

Taprock + Hartford Flavor Co. Dinner

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On Wednesday, March 1st, Taprock will be hosting it’s monthly dinner highlighting a brand that we stand behind, Hartford Flavor Co. Their mission is to provide the liquor market – mixologists, retailers, and consumers, with uniquely flavored natural liqueurs that are on-trend and align to the idea that the creative cocktail is an essential aspect of both the social and dining experiences.

Liqueurs are basically sweetened tinctures. In Medieval and Victorian times, tinctures and herbal medicines were sweetened following their creation to help conceal the bitter taste. ‘A spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down’ is exactly what a liqueur is. Most liqueurs of the past were used for the medicinal properties, to aid in digestion, and to help with ailments. They want to get back to this idea – healthful drinking! 

Courses and paired Cocktails are as follows:

Course 1:

ingredients: dill | pickled mustard seed | rye

Iberian Spritz
ingredients: fino sherry | wild moon cucumber | spanish brandy | sage grapefruit bitters

Course 2:

Grilled Radicchio
ingredients: gorgonzola | blood orange

Cranberry Martinez
ingredients: wild moon cranberry | old tom gin | maraschino qr liqueur | lemon rhubarb bitters

Course 3:

Rabbit Agnolotti
ingredients: duck egg | mascarpone | hazelnut

Colored Glasses Sour
ingredients: wild moon rose | house made fig cordial | litchfield distillery port cask bourbon | egg white | classic bitters

Course 4:

Pork Tenderloin
ingredients: fig | saffron yogurt | beet | sage | cornbread

Forest Floor Old Fashioned
ingredients: eagle rare | wild moon birch | smoked pine | served up

Course 5:

Pots de Crème
ingredients: ginger | carrot

Berkshire Cobbler
ingredients: house barreled wild moon spiced chai | plantation rum | atomized wild moon lavender | fresh lime | muddled blackberries

The cost for the evening is $65 per person, for which you can purchase on Facebook or Eventbrite, or by calling Taprock at  (860) 404-2074