Flexible Work Opportunities

We are thrilled to now be a resource for Moms who are looking for flexible work opportunities. We know of many recruiters, agencies and businesses who are hiring and many women who are looking for flexible work opportunities. Our flex terms are to work while our kids are in school, not when their off of school and opportunities that are forgiving for things like unplanned sick days and snow days.

If you are a mom looking for flexible work, we would love to list you here with an abbreviated version of your resume. If you are a business who is hiring flexible work opportunities, we would love to list your opportunity here with an abbreviated version of your job description.

For both parties, the cost is $99 per year, once you find flexible work we will take your profile down and once a job is filled, we will do the same. For Moms, if the flexible work opportunity does not pan out we will quickly get your resume back up, until the year expires or you find an opportunity that sticks. For jobs, the $99 fee is for each flexible work opportunity until it is filled or if it doesn’t pan out also until the year expires. 

Angelina Capalbo: While getting her company off the ground, Angelina is looking for a flexible work opportunity during the 180 days her daughter is in school (August 29th 2017 – June 20th 2018) and the 28 days she is in summer camp (June 19th -August 24th 2018). Sofia (who is 8 years old) gets on the bus in Farmington at 8:15am and off the bus at 3:30pm. Mom can also drop off at school between 8:30-8:40am. Angelina is seasoned at executive administrative support and adept at marketing and event planning. Angelina is happy to work through lunch and would certainly be open to a work from home job opportunity as well. Preferred work week is Monday-Friday from 9am – 3pm. Email us to receive a copy of Angelina’s resume.