I Spy my Little Eye on Farmington

Location in Hartford County, Connecticut

Farmington, Connecticut – also this publisher’s current hometown.

Town Seal

The Town of Farmington was incorporated in 1645, known as the “Mother Town”, Farmington was partitioned into the towns of Avon, Bristol, Plainville, New Britain, Berlin, Southington, and Burlington. This history is reflected in the Town Seal today. Farmington comprises 28.7 square miles along the Farmington River. Farmington is a residential suburb in the Hartford metropolitan area that has retained its distinctive character through maintenance of its historic districts and careful land-use planning for the future. Farmington has a Council-Manager form of government with a Council Chairperson as the chief elected official (Nancy Nickerson) and a Town Manager (Kathleen A. Eagenas the Chief Executive Officer. 

Farmington has a Chamber of Commerce which is currently led by President, Brendan Moran and Executive Director, Cindy Scoville.

Community and Recreational Services

Farmington has a Recreation Department which is managed by Director, Nancy E. Parent and Supervisor, Geoffrey Porter.

Farmington has a community garden plot called Kolp and two farms; Hein Farm and Sub Edge Farm.

Farmington offers a wide variety of trails to connect everyone to the great outdoors.  It has a National Scenic Trail, two trails on the Farmington Valley Greenway, eight historic trails connecting to at least five eras, several handicapped trails to fishing piers, and a number of short hikes through Farmington’s forests. If the trails appear too wet, try one of six historic walks through Unionville and Farmington. – Trail System

Farmington has three libraries if you include the Lewis Walpole Library.

Farmington has three museums; Hill-stead, Stanley Whitman and the Unionville Museum.

Farmington is home to FSA – Farmington Sports Arena and Winding Trails. We also have our own art bar (check out our experience).

Farmington boasts three upscale and trendy restaurants; CURE, Tap Rock and 4 Eat and Drink. And for the kids, two awesome pizza joints in town, Naples and Artistica.

Also home to Miss Porter’s School, Tunxis Community College and UConn Health.

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