Seminar: Reclaim Your Professional Self

Seeking to re-engage your professional self after opting out as a home/caregiver? Return with the support of a peer, mentor and coach community!

Kick-off is Wednesday, January 18th!

With the help of our moderators, you will dig deep to begin clarifying where you are now and where you want to go. This session includes identifying strengths and emphasizes the value of exercise to remind participants who they are beyond a home/caregiver; and real-life returners’ stories from firsthand experiences, shared to inspire participants with confidence that ‘it can be done.’

Using leading industry evaluation tools, you’ll perform a personality assessment and discuss how personality influences the way you work. You’ll also complete an aptitude assessment and discuss why and how to play to your natural aptitudes when making career choices.

Seminar Details: 

Date/Time: Wednesday, January 18th from 7-9pm

Location: Canton Gateway Office Park, 50 Albany Turnpike, Building #5, Floor 2, Canton, CT 06019

This stand-alone session will kick-start your return-to-work journey!

Register to attend the January 18th session here to attend. Which also serves as a sampling of our full Prepare To Launch Program: Launch with Confidence in 2017Participating will give you an overview of what to expect throughout. See full course schedule.

Offered by Untapped Potential Inc – a social enterprise returning high-caliber professionals to the workplace following a career break.  It impacts the wage-gap (or the motherhood penalty), diversity and work-life balance.  Click here to “like” Untapped Potential on Facebook.