Dirty 30

Excuse Me? Would you like to come back to our place and have extremely wild, uninhibited fun with us? Hartford’s best night out is imminent and you’re invited…

On July 29th, TheaterWorks is unveiling a brand new way to play. A Midsummer (a play with songs) remixes with Hartford’s best food, drinks, music, and dance for an immersive theatrical event that you will never forget. This is the legendary lost night – the Midsummer story that gets passed down through the generations and gets bigger and better with every telling. Details for this event can be found here.


No more teasing – are you ready for the climax featuring The eCUSSIONIST and The Dance Cartel. In partnership with Bin228, Vinted, EBK Gallery, Dish, Koji and Trumbull Kitchen.

 #dirty30  #TheClimax  #TW30

This is a 21+ event with an open bar, so get your tickets while they last.