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My daughter and I visited Scene Art Bar several times this year including celebrating Sofia’s birthday there! We wanted to share our experience and findings with you. ☆☆☆☆☆


On our very first visit, also the time we decided this would also be the perfect spot for Sofia’s 6th birthday party – we partook in a family paint session which basically is one canvas and the whole family gets to contribute. Not too shabby, huh?


IMG_1377 IMG_1452

We came back in May to celebrate Sofia’s birthday with her friends at school. Of course while the paint dried we took advantage of Dr. Seuss’s book, Happy Birthday To You! It doesn’t hurt that one of the owners is also a teacher.


The girls did a great job on their artwork and even decorated cupcakes while we waited for our paintings to dry.

After visiting Scene Art Bar I learned:

It’s for kids too:

While they primarily cater to adults; they do host kids parties, classes (usually on school breaks) and private playdates. Their parties are also mobile so they will bring the party to you if you want.

Moms now have a local place for a time out:

1. They often host classes related to paint but alittle unique – fun Pinterest projects – such as wreath making, hostess gifts, cookie decorating.

They love supporting local organizations and businesses:

2. They hold fundraising events – consider this venue for your next PTO or charitable organizations meeting space.

You can save by subscribing:

3. Sign up for their newsletter and receive coupons and first alerts for new events and happenings.

Disclaimer: A complimentary paint session and paint party was extended in turn for an advertisement on our website but this is an unrelated honest review.

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