Review of Tiny Book Worms Preschool Book Of The Month Club

I recently met a women who started her own home based business for preschool aged children and you know how much I can appreciate Mommy Owned Businesses. She was kind enough to send my daughter, who just graduated preschool, a July box. The box came with 4 activities and a book and this box made for a wonderful trip on the ferry. If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo is a Parent’s Choice Award Winning Book where Leslie becomes infatuated with the animals at the zoo. Her offer to take them all in “if anything ever goes wrong” has an unexpected and unusual outcome. My daughter really enjoyed reading the book which flowed nicely and kept her attention throughout. After reading the book we then started working on the related activities.


My daughter loves stickers and well lets face it what kid doesn’t? The stickers were of zoo animals so it was relevant and the children were given direction to trace the letter borders with their finger as a learning exercise and fill in the stickers inside, which I enjoyed for her because it was interested to see her spread the stickers throughout so they filled all of the space up and pretty evenly. Tip: Make copies of the worksheet and use it for Z related letter stickers.


My daughter loved the soft dice, and so did our neighbors on the ferry! This was a cute activity using some of the same principles as our games at home without all the baggage. It was nice that we got to play a game together which encompassed counting.


My daughter loves playdough. She really loved the idea of making a home for her animals. She did one on her own and then we did one together. The animals were too cute not to name and tell stories about them as we did.


And last but not least was a measuring activity where Sofia needed to measure how tall or wide an animal was. I measure some, she measured some; and then we lined then up from shortest to tallest.


The August box concept was digging, raking and scooping for letters and numbers and the September box concept is Apples. Learn more about Tiny Bookworms below.

Tiny Bookworms is a monthly book of the month package delivered to your little one(s) which includes the book of the month and activities that correlate with the monthly theme. Each month members will receive a package addressed to your little one(s), containing the book of the month as well as 3-5 hands on activities that correlate with The New York State Prekindergarten Foundations for the Common Core. Activities are geared toward ages 2-4. (Although my daughter was 5 and loved it.) You may choose to order on a month to month basis, a few consecutive months, or subscribe for a year membership (with savings). Enjoy one on one time with your child, reading and completing age appropriate activities that engage your child in learning.
Cost: $26.00 a month (includes shipping and handling costs).
Outside of NY additional shipping fees may apply.

To learn more about Tiny Bookworms click here. Order your September box today!

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