Try it Before you Buy it

I love trying things before I buy them and I don’t mean clothes (although you can use the dressing room or a mirror at home for that), I mean classes!

There are a few things that trying a class helps you do. Foremost, your child’s schedule will change but you may want to attempt a class that works best for your schedule, one that won’t make an unnecessary nap happen (tragic, I know) or mess with that crucial snack time that could lead to bedtime erosion. So, as you can see, timing can be key. Secondly, location; is this a convenient location? How is the traffic in the vicinity at that time of day? Is there a grocery store conveniently located on the way back or a drive through coffeehouse to fulfill a indulgent treat? Sweet!

Things to look for are cleanliness, its always a good idea to check out the bathroom. How attentive were the staff? Were they prepared to start class on time? Did they call your child by their first name? Did your child have a blast? Are there amenities that you can tap into, like open plays or discounts elsewhere? Lastly, presuming you love it make sure your wallet will too.

Below I will share with your my experience and reviews of free trial classes in Hartford County.

This past Summer we were invited to Messy Smocks in Avon for a trial class. They do not normally offer a trial class but they did extend one to us in turn for an honest review and we are proud to share our review with you. Click here for the full article.

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