Welcome to Momford County! Where each week, we give you the weekly low down of what to do with your kids, without your kids and for the whole family. Below are the different areas of our website, surf around and bookmark us for an easy revisit. 

Activities: If you are looking for something quick and simple; maybe even something that you would love to do once a week, this area of our website is perfect for you! Most activities occur weekly, some monthly and many are free.

Events: If you love to try new and unique things each week, then this area of our website is for you! Hartford County is full of fun things to do! On average, we promote 50 events a week. 

We also have several areas of our site that are for interest groups.

Ambassadors: Hartford County is 750 square miles; with 34 towns and cities – you can agree this is some serious ground for one Mom to cover! So we could use your help! Mom Ambassadors will represent their town or city in helping to promote Momford County where they live. They will help us ensure that we cover all of their local area happenings. If they wish to make money, save money or curb spending – the possibility exists. Of course, they can just do it for fun too – which is how we started! We would love a volunteer!

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